Watching the pots of the Potter wasp – Delta pyriforme

Prashanth MB

January 3, 2024

Above: A Potter wasp (Delta pyriforme) builds a nest in less than a day (Bangalore). Water droplets and mud is mixed up and carried as a soft blob to build the nest. The dried blob can be seen close to the nest. 30th Dec 2023. 10:41am


Above: The wasp is perhaps trying to lay an egg by inserting the abdomen into the open funnel of the nest. 30th Dec 2023. 10:51 am


Above: The entrance to the nest is damaged while the kids may have tried to drop the ball (mud blob) through the opening, as if to do a favour to the wasp. The egg is seen dangling from the roof (pale yellow) and the nest is already inserted with feed (caterpillar) for the larvae. 1st Jan 2024. 1:03 pm


Above: The wasp brings in more feed, a larger caterpillar, and inserts into the nest. A flat bean pod (avarekai) is left close to the nest for size comparison. The nest globe is 3 cm wide at the base. A heap of flat beans were left to dry on the bench, and some flat bean creepers grow in the pots close to the nest. The caterpillars inside the nest do not seem to be the one seen in flat beans.1st Jan 2024. 4:39 pm


Above: The wasp attends to the damaged entrance hole and patches it up with fresh, damp mud.1st Jan 2024. 5:17 pm


Above: The completed nest with full nest globe.1st Jan 2024. 5:27 pm


Above: A second nest comes up right next to the other. The new nest measures 2.4 cm in diameter at the base, while the splattered old nest is about 3 cm in diameter. The outer edge of the funnel on the new nest is 1.4 cm in diameter, while the entrance hole measures approximately 0.7 cm. 2nd Jan 2024. 4:14 pm


Above: Caterpillar feed is inserted into the second nest in the evening. The nest remained inactive during the early or bright hours of the day after construction. 3rd Jan 2024. 4:14 pm


Above: Second nest entrance is covered up with mud and sealed. 3rd Jan 2024. 5:50 pm


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To cite this page: 2024. Watching the pots of the Potter wasp – Delta pyriforme. Accessed on 2024-01-03.

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