1. What is the Natural History website about?
Natural History aims to capture insightful and potentially useful observations of the natural world, contributed by anyone, and demanding less research and publication effort than many existing outlets. We aim to publish original observational notes and not merely pictures or videos. This portal would serve as a source for further research.

2. Who manages this website?
This website is managed by a group of volunteers. It started out as a group of bird-watchers and recordings of their observations and has since expanded out to involve all other beings from plants to humans.

3. Who owns the content on this website?
[content posted on this website is owned by respective authors and by original creators of the content if reference material is used. ]

4. Who can contribute content?
Any registered user of the website may contribute.

5. What is the submission process?
Article submission
First editor proofreading. Decision on acceptance / non acceptance with relevant details.
If accepted : Edits and modifications.
Final proof approval by Author and Editorial team.

6. Will my content be edited?
Yes , for grammar, typographical errors, length of post while preserving the overall content. If the true and conveyed intent of the post is misaligned. We will consult you and make changes accordingly, if acceptable.

7. Who are the editors?
In alphabetical order,

  • Dr. Aditya Barigali
  • Amith Kumar
  • Bijoy Venugopal
  • Chandrashekar Bandi
  • Deepa Mohan
  • Dr. GopiSundar KS
  • Karthikeyan S.
  • Prashanth Badrinath
  • Dr. Seshadri KS
  • Shiv Senthilvel
  • Shyamal L
  • Dr. Subramanya S
  • Sugandhi Gadadhar
  • Ulhas Anand
  • Vageesha AR

8. Is there a subscription fee?
There is no subscription fee.

9. Can I reuse the content on this website?
Content can be reused, quoted and edited for personal use. According to the License detailed in the terms of use document outlined here..

10. Can I quote/ cite this content?
Yes, you can quote the reference using the URL mentioned in the post.
Alternatively, you can contact the editorial team / original author to request permission for reuse of the media in a post.

11. Can I submit previously published content?
Yes, you could submit previously published content. We suggest you to paraphrase and summarise a full length article to suit all the users of our portal. Please understand full length scientific articles may not convey the intended message to our readers if reproduced verbatim.

12. Can I quote public domain content?
Yes, with adequate references. We still encourage original content.

13. Can I quote content published by others?
Yes, you quote the content published by others in the references.

14. Can I use photos and videos from Google Search results?
We encourage Authors to use original images or videos . In case of unavailability of a representative image or video , Please refer to the ‘ Can I use this photo on social media ? ’  section in our Media policy detailed here.