About Natural History

Natural History aims to publish observations from the natural world around us and facilitate easy contribution for wider readership of such information.

Myriad Interesting incidents in the natural world occur on a daily basis all around us. These ethnological incidents are a source of wonder, awe and sometimes pique our curiosity when we have the time and the inclination to notice them. There are many unknown facets to the lives of even common beings that surround us.

Natural History aims to provide an open portal to share such individual experiences in the form of field notes to a larger audience. Through this portal, we would like to compile a list of natural history notes that are authored by observers – amateur naturalists, academicians, researchers, professionals, wildlife photographers, and others – in an easy to author and read interface.

All contributions will be made available by authors under a Creative Commons license, the terms of which can be found here.

We call everyone with a keen sense of observation to submit their experiences.

The format and the rules of submission are found here. For frequently asked questions you could visit: FAQs

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