Changeable hawk-eagle (Nisaetus cirrhatus) – Predation upon Gray langur.

Vageesha A R

January 2, 2023

On 12th November 2022, Nataraj from JLR River Tern at Bhadra WLS Lakkavalli clicked  ( during the safari visit ) a Changeable hawk-eagle feeding on a Gray langur. This is a short note to document the same.

Changeable hawk-eagle being a large bird of prey is known to predate on mammals such as bats, macaques, hares, and even young calves of Indian gazelles. There are numerous documented cases of predation of many primate species including macaques and other monkeys ( see below )  all over the bird’s distribution range. There are records of langur predation too but mostly on juvenile langurs ( see below )



To cite this page: 2023. Changeable hawk-eagle (Nisaetus cirrhatus) – Predation upon Gray langur.. Accessed on 2023-03-10.

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